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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #30 (9:30PM CST)

Bargaining Report 30 Legacy T April 7, 2012 (2nd report)
The Bargaining Teams just finished meeting. The Company rejected the CWA?s package ?in its entirety? and put their own package on the table.
(1) a slightly improved wage package from their original
(2) no improvement on pensions or change in their initial proposal
(3) slight movement on Health Care that still includes two tiers with slightly changed numbers topping out at a 30% cost share for our members.
(4) rejection of our proposal to include Mobility in the National Transfer Plan.
(5) rejection of our proposal to allow employees within 5 years of retirement to move to AT&T Mobility (with no loss of pay or benefits).
(6) rejection of our proposal to deal with sub-contracting, off-shoring and the movement of work to management.
(7) not only a rejection of our proposal to expand those covered by JOG but the addition of several parts that take away JOG from employees who have less than satisfactory attendance and appraisals. Worse, they want the
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