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04/07/12 (11:20PM) - Working Without A Contract And What It Means!

Dear Members:

As of midnight on Saturday, April 7th, we're working without a contract.
Because we didn't reach agreement with the Company by the time the contract expired, we are now working without a contract.
However, the current provisions are still in effect. There will be no changes to your wages, benefits, or working conditions.

What Happens Now?
Negotiations will continue. As long as we are on the job:
You will still earn a paycheck
All benefits, including healthcare and pension, will remain in effect
All terms and conditions of employment continue until there is a new agreement or the parties have reached "impasse"
You have the right to participate in mobilization activities

What Should Members Do During This Time?
Because of the contract fight, tensions are high. Take no chances - you don't want to be disciplined by stressed out management.
Follow your work schedule.
We urge everyone to maintain a state of readiness and continue to mobilize until an agreement
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