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(11:10 PM CST)AT$T Contract Expires, CWA Members Will Report To Work As Negotiations Continue

Brothers and Sisters:
Our contract with AT&T Legacy will expire in just a few minutes. At this time, we still have many issues unresolved.
We have made some progress but we have a lot of ground yet to cover to get the contract CWA members deserve from the company we?ve made so successful.
As of midnight tonight, we will be working without a contract. At this time, CWA members at AT&T Legacy will continue to work, though that can change at any time. We?re keeping our options open as we focus on reaching an agreement that maintains our standard of living.
Working without a contract means that the terms of our contract will remain in effect. Wages, working conditions and benefits like health care will continue unchanged, with the exception of arbitration for grievances. Mobilizers and locals have more information on exactly what it means to work without a contract, so be sure to check in with your local and check out
We are keeping our option to strike at hand. AT&T is a very successful co
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