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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #28

Bargaining Report 28 Legacy T April 6, 2012
The bargaining teams met earlier today and will meet again tonight but we are no closer to an agreement than we were on day one.
The Union rejected the company?s vacation proposal, which we described before. For payment in lieu of vacation when someone retires, is terminated (for anything but misconduct) , resigned for any reason or is laid off, the company would pay only a portion of the vacation ?accrued?, depending on what month the person leaves. We also rejected their proposal to only pay double time only for overtime over 16 hours.
We also submitted a new proposal in response to the rejection yesterday of our proposal to bring back some of the Construction Technician work the company has contracted out. We gave the company another example of shoddy contractor work that took thousands of lines out of service.
The company was clearly ready for our rejection of their first vacation proposal. This time they decided to propose the same thing with one exception.
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