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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #25

Bargaining Report 25 April 3, 2012 Legacy T
Your CWA bargaining team waited all day to meet with the Company, expecting a proposal on Health Care and Benefits in response to the yesterday?s Union proposal. The Company pushed a 1:00 o?clock meeting to 2:00 o?clock. 2:00 o?clock was changed to 3:30. 3:30 was postponed to 4:30.
When we finally we met the Company proposal was NO CHANGE from their original proposal on pensions, the saving plans, disability, dental, vision and plans for eligible retired employees. On medical ? no change in the two tier system with has new hires paying thousands more for their benefits; no change in huge deductibles; and no change in the out-of-pocket maximums. There was a small decrease in the first year premiums but it would go right back up in the second year of the contract. We currently pay 17.8% of the total cost of benefits. The Company plan would have us pay up to 28% of whatever the total cost of benefits the first year and then jump to 32% is
We made it crystal clear a
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