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Serious Consumer Data Risks Highlighted in CWA Report

Apr 2, 2012
Washington, D.C. ? Citing a growing number of security questions surrounding overseas call centers, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) today released an updated version of a sobering December 2011 report detailing the linkage between the off-shoring of call center jobs and a range of serious negative effects on U.S. consumers and job seekers, including placing consumers? personal information at risk.
Several major investigations have unearthed fraudulent and criminal activity emanating from overseas call centers- Including stories in the Sunday Times and Australian TV Newsmagazine Today Tonight. Despite serious security concerns, Wells Fargo and T-Mobile have announced that they will close numerous U.S. call centers and instead expand their commitments to call centers in India and the Philippines.
As security concerns rise, so does the momentum behind the bi-partisan ?US Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act?. Representative Tim Bishop (NY-1) today announced that the number
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