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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #21

Bargaining Report no# 21 - March 29, 2012
We had a very long day at the table today but, we are sorry to say, very little was accomplished that moved us any closer to an agreement. The Company withdrew their proposal to eliminate ?tie back? in the event of a surplus. This is typical of the way bargaining is going. They make a bad proposal and then expect us to be thankful when they go back to the original language. Any proposals that will lead to an actual improvement or will actually solve a problem ? they reject. A good example of this was their rejection today of our ?Emergency Conditions? proposal, which would have required the Company to pay if a government (Local, state or federal) declared an emergency. All they responded to was part of our discussion of the lack of a consistent policy from building to building and business unit to business unit. They handed us a copy of THE company policy, but it is neither fair nor consistent and doesn?t address any of our real concerns.
They also rejected our prop
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