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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #19

In an earlier report we told you about the company?s proposal to change the vacation language. Under their proposal, if you are laid off, resign, retire or are terminated (for anything other than misconduct) and you have not used all your vacation time you only get a portion of the? pay in lieu of vacation? depending on what month you leave the payroll. So, for example, if you are laid off in February and would have been entitled to 5 weeks vacation (200 hours), and haven?t used any yet, you only get 33 hours pay in lieu of vacation. The only improvement in today?s proposal is that they will pay your beneficiaries your full year?s vacation IF YOU DIE!! That was supposed to be an advance!
Other company proposals today also took baby steps. They are willing to go back to 60 days to grieve an incident (from their first proposal of 45 days) but they still want to reduce the number of Union reps at the meeting.
There most outrageous proposal today, and one they have made every bargaining since we first got the l
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