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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #14

Bargaining Report #14 - March 20, 2012
Reject! Reject! Reject! Today it was our turn to refuse to accept Company proposals to eliminate Sunday differentials, eliminate double time overtime payments, and eliminate ALL paid illness absences. Vice President Maly said clearly ? ?Here we are in the fourth week of bargaining and the Company has NOT OFFERED ONE IMPROVEMENT. We are not here to do concessionary bargaining. The bargaining process is give and take ? not just we give and you take.?
In addition, the Union resubmitted its demand to equalize Termination Pay throughout the contract to the Article 25 level, and responded to the Company demand to eliminate the day after Thanksgiving as a fixed holiday. We also continued to present data requests to the Company to better prepare for responses on some key issues. We are particularly concerned with the Company?s failure to respond to our request on their Health Care proposal.
Check out the very complete mobilization report posted today. Mobilizers around the co
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