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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #13

We had a busy day today at the Legacy T bargaining table.
? The Company rejected our proposal to make Martin Luther King Day and Veteran?s Day fixedholidays. They are still looking to take away the Day After Thanksgiving, and are now proposing it be replaced with an employee-chosen (as opposed to a Company-chosen) floater. The bottom line is that taking away any fixed holiday puts money in the Company?s pocket, since they don?t have to pay holiday pay for working the fixed holiday.
? On termination pay they rejected our proposal to put everyone on the schedule that tops out at 104 weeks. The Company now wants to add more people to those in the articles that already have lower term pay schedules (like Articles 39, 43, 44, and 45). They want to change Article 25 so new hires will all be on a schedule that maxes out at 45 weeks. They are determined to have a Two Tier work force on everything from term pay to pensions to benefits.
? The Company rejected our proposal for a bi-lingual differential with the absur
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