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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #11

The Union bargaining team met this morning to review our bargaining demands, data requests and bargaining strategy prior to presentation to our meeting with the Company.
This afternoon, aside from a discussion about an inadequate response from the Company on a Union safety proposal, we mainly spent time in subcommittees. Discussions were held to address issues facing our members in Articles 43 (Network), 45 (Local Network Services) and 39 (Information Services). The purpose of these subcommittees is to be able to have in depth discussions about the problems facing our members without having to put formal statements on the record or submitting formal demands. Once issues are clarified in subcommittees, the proposals can be brought to the table to make sure that key issues are raised formally and responded to ?on the record.?
I?m sure some of you feel that things are going slowly. This is the normal pace of bargaining. We are still miles apart on many key issues and it is more important than ever, as we move
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