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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #10

The Company and CWA teams met today at the full table. We reviewed requests for information necessary for preparing our responses to several company proposals. The Union raised demands to create a bi-lingual differential for employees whose jobs require it. We also made a proposal to increase the split tour differential for those covered under Article 37 (Operators). The amount (which is supposed to cover the additional carfare) has not been increased since 1992, 20 years ago! We also discussed problems in denying FMLA to Union representatives who lose eligibility because of unpaid Union time. Finally, we resubmitted a demand that the Company had rejected on giving notice and a short amount of time for Union reps to meet with members who are retiring to explain to them their benefits as Union retirees.
Yesterday afternoon an extensive meeting took place between members of the Union and management teams on the benefits proposals. We are trying to deal with the company demand to shift a much greater portion of
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