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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #9

At today?s bargaining session, we spent much of the time reviewing a series of ?policy? letters the Company has informed the Union it wants to implement. We intend to bargain over each one. The majority of our questions centered around a plan to require NTS techs, CEIIIs, and other plant employees who interface with customers to wear branded AT&T apparel. That program is currently voluntary. In addition to wearing the apparel, the program comes with an extremely invasive ?appearance standards? guideline. It addresses cleanliness ? ?freshly bathed in fresh clean clothing.? There are guidelines for hair length and styles, beard stubble, and even when you can grow a beard or mustache (only during vacation periods.) There are rules about the kinds of belt buckles, footwear, socks, and jewelry you wear. There?s even a guideline on how high or low someone can wear their pants. They even had to admit that, the way the policy is written, an employee would not be able to wear an American flag pin or a belt buckle that
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