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Senators Grassley and Durbin Raise Concerns About ?Specialized Knowledge? Standard in Visa Program

H-1B Visa Interest Group List Members: Here is the text of a letter from Senators Durbin and Grassley to USCIS Director Mayorkas. As my upcoming article clarifies, for the first time (in FY 2010,) L-1 visa use outpaced H-1B Visa to import highly-skilled workers into America. A surprising 502,732 L-1 Visa admissions occurred during FY2010, more than the number of H-1B Visa admissions that year. I applaud the initiative of Senators Grassley and Durbin to restore the role of the L-1 Visa to its original legislative intent. I look forward to your perspectives and feedback. To unsubscribe, please send me an email.
Gene Nelson, Ph.D. Arlington, VA (214) 455 - 8065 cell

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