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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #4

At the bargaining table today, the Company continued its retrogressive proposals. Following up on their presentation on day one, in which they said that reducing absence is a major issue for the Company this year, they proposed NO PAID INCIDENTAL SICK DAYS. They are convinced that our members, particularly those in Consumer titles, take the time off because they are paid for personal illness days. They are convinced that eliminating everyone?s paid sick days will fix their problem. People coming to work sick, because someone cannot afford to lose pay, is not something the Company is worried about. They want you at your desk ? no matter what.
They also submitted demands to shorten the length of time our members have to file grievances, and to reduce the number of paid Union reps at grievance meetings. The ?tie backs? provision, which protects our members against Company abuse of Article 16 to save particular groups of workers from layoff, is another thing they want to get rid of. Also, without offering

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