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CWA-AT$T Legacy T Bargaining Report #3

Our Bargaining committee made several proposals yesterday on Quota Relief, Flexible EW days, vacations and holidays that had been submitted by Legacy T members That was followed by what turned into a 2 day presentation of the Company proposals on Benefits, Medical, Dental, Vision, Care Plus- A Supplemental Program, Consolidated Long Term Care, and Health Care Reimbursement. It was even worse than we had predicted after their presentation on March 1st. Their claims of fairness and their commitment to good, middle class jobs is as false as we expected it to be.

As VP Ralph Maly said as we ended today?s session ?We will never agree to this ? we will fight, and do whatever it takes. We came to bargain. We were willing to understand the company?s concerns but this is beyond need. It is just greed. Those who sit in Headquarters; they will not be impacted. They could pay for this with one day?s salary. This is a disgrace.?

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