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Babeu May Face New Legal Question Over Ex's Volunteer Work

By: Daniel Gonzalez and Craig Harris-- "Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, a nationally known advocate of tough immigration enforcement and border security, may have aided the violation of federal immigration laws himself by allowing his ex-boyfriend, a Mexican national, to work on his campaign as a volunteer, according to immigration experts."..."Some immigration lawyers say Babeu showed a lack of judgment considering his background as a law-enforcement officer and his reputation as a strong supporter of border security and immigration enforcement.
They point out that Orozco, who had a relationship with the sheriff and did the work pro bono, was essentially taking a job from an American and saving Babeu from having to pay someone.
"Handling someone's website I don't think is analogous to what you would traditionally think of as volunteering. So, to me, that is why I don't think it passes the smell test," said Elizabeth Chatham, a Phoenix attorney who specializes in employment-based immigration law.
She said
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