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The Impact of Counting Changes on Nonimmigrant Admissions

Below is a 2 page fact sheet from the Department of Homeland Security. One of the graphs shows admissions trends for H-1B Visa workers. I find it reprehensible that there has been no significant downturn in the number of estimated individuals (over 200,000/year) being admitted each year since 2007, despite the prolonged economic depression that started in 2007. (The same holds true for the L-1 category at 150,000/year.) These numbers should have dropped sharply so that American citizens had a chance to take these positions. The current situation is 2 government programs that grant hiring preferences to young, foreign workers. Free-market advocate and Nobel economics laureate Milton Friedman called the H-1B Visa program a "government subsidy" program in 2002 - because it allowed employers access to skilled workers at below-market rates. I have added quotes around the term "Nonimmigrant" below, as many of these economic migrants become permanent residents. For details, please see U.S. Department of Homeland
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