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Seek Local Talent First--The Right Fix for H1-b Discrimination

"The H1-B should be reserved only for those companies who say they cannot find somebody in that particular field," said President Obama to Jennifer Wedel, the wife of an unemployed semiconductor engineer. But that's not the way the H1-b program works. In fact, it's backward. Companies can recruit abroad--first and only--to fill their US job openings with this program.
Senator Grassley is willing to fix this wrong-way law. Will you ask your Senator to fix this too?
Right now, H1-b law gives companies the legal right to ignore qualified Americans, and even displace Americans from their jobs in favor of citizens from other countries. Senator Grassley and Senator Durbin also know this. That's why, for the last four year's they've co-sponsored a measure to fix the H1-b so companies seek American talent first before recruiting abroad. "I have long believed that it's not unreasonable to ask businesses to first determine if there are qualified Americans to fill vacant positions," Grassley wrote in his letter
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