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Obama?s High-Tech Labor Lies- By: David Sirota

To be sure, it?s impossible to know if President Obama is simply ignorant of these facts, or merely doesn?t want to acknowledge them, for fear of alienating his campaign donors in the high-tech industry. But don?t discount the power of those donors to turn an incumbent president into their own public advocate ? especially during an election season when that incumbent president has a well-known history of relying on high-tech donors to underwrite his election campaigns. Obviously, those donors have a vested financial interest in answering Obama?s fundraising call if ? and when ? that president seems determined to preserve the status quo and oppose any proposed pro-worker reforms of a program like the H-1B visa. After all, no matter if they are replacing domestic American workers with imported H-1B workers, or using the H-1B program to shift huge parts of their businesses offshore, those high-tech executives have a very lucrative scam going, and clearly, they don?t care if American workers are the ultimate vict

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