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Grassley: High-Skilled American Workers Struggling to Find Jobs

For Immediate Release
February 7, 2012
WASHINGTON ? Senator Chuck Grassley said today that he is concerned that President Obama doesn?t understand the difficulty that many high-skilled American workers are facing as they look for employment.

In a letter to the President, Grassley notes that the President seemed surprised about the employment struggles of high-skilled Americans when he learned during an online conversation with Jennifer Wedel whose husband, a semiconductor engineer, had been out of work for three years.

Grassley said the administration?s recent policy changes affecting foreign students and spouses of H-1B visa holders puts American workers at a disadvantage. Instead, Grassley said that President Obama should support his H-1B reform legislation that will help ensure high-skilled Americans are given the first opportunity to compete for jobs.

Grassley?s H-1B visa reform legislation would help to root out fraud and abuse in the program. The legislation makes reforms
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