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Fired Just For Being American

Attorney James Otto filed a pioneering lawsuit against Long Beach, Calif.?s Molina Healthcare, Inc., alleging that the 21 clients he is representing were fired because they were American citizens. During a Dec. 6, 2011 interview with this writer, Otto outlined the most under-reported employment story in our country today.
?In my complaint, I contend that a conspiracy existed between Molina and a company named Cognizant to replace their workers because they were all Americans,? said Otto. ?Further, none of these dismissals?225 total over a three-year span?occurred for disciplinary reasons.?
When AMERICAN FREE PRESS inquired as to how he obtained this data, Otto replied, ?All of the information originated from workers on the inside of Molina. These were people that ran the company on a day-to-day basis and saw their cohorts being fired, only to be replaced by Indians.?
As proof, Otto cited Chief Information Officer Amir Desai, who was brought from India by President John Molina. Desai was overheard saying: ?
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