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700,000-Member Communications Workers of America Endorses Re-election of President Barack Obama

Feb 2, 2012

Washington, D.C. ? The 700,000-member Communications Workers of America today endorsed the re-election of President Barack Obama as President of the United States. In a unanimous endorsement, CWA?s Executive Board said:

?In the last year, we?ve seen the start of a growing movement to take back our country and to end the control of corporations and the wealthy that truly threatens our democracy. We need elected leaders who support this movement to restore democracy. President Obama is that leader.

Our nation needs to move forward, not backward. We need good jobs, not dollar store jobs, unregulated and 19th century capitalism. We need more progress on health care for all, not efforts to repeal the health care reforms that now are in place. We need leaders who recognize that income inequality and wage declines are serious problems that must be resolved, not ?envy,? as presidential candidate Mitt Romney sees it.

President Obama is moving our nation forward, and the Communications Workers o

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