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2012- CWA/AT$T Members/Retirees Fighting For The American Dream

So many Americans are having their dreams crushed by corporations that place greed over the interests of their workers. We can not let that happen at AT&T. CWA members/retirees at the AT&T companies have worked hard over many years to win the good wages, benefits and working conditions we enjoy today. Our wages were not "given" to us by generous management. They were won piece by piece over years of negotiations with AT&T and all the companies which have preceded it. Our contracts insure that we have a solid base of wages and working conditions which work for us every day. Experience tells us that good contracts are won in the workplace and in the community, not just at the bargaining table. The power we have at the negotiating table flows directly from our members/retirees and is a direct result of the information and education our members/retirees receive about the bargaining issues, along with their solidarity and their activity in the workplace and communities. To win the kinds of improvements we will nee
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