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GOP Presidential Candidates Position On Social Security!

12/16/11- (Washington, DC) ?Social Security Works unveiled a new guide which reveals that the top six Republican Presidential candidates agree: If they had their way, they would cut or do away with Social Security, America?s most successful insurance program.
The guide shows that when these Republican Presidential candidates say we need to ?save? Social Security, what they really mean is we need to end Social Security:
?The Republican candidates ? all six of the front-runners ? could not be more out of step with the American people! Americans -- Democrats, Independents, and, yes, Republicans -- overwhelmingly support Social Security and oppose the kinds of radical cuts and changes the Republican candidates favor. They can?t afford to have their benefits cut and they do not want Wall Street bankers and other campaign contributors to steal their and their children?s Social Security,? said Eric Kingson, co-chair of the Strengthen Social Security Campaign.
Social Security has a lot at stake based on who is v
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