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Remarks By Retiring Secretary-Treasurer Jeff Rechenbach At The 73rd CWA Convention

"You know how at the holidays, someone gives you a gift and you didn?t buy anything for them, well you scramble and find something you already had in the closet and wrap it up quick to present. Well, think of the combs on your tables as my unexpected gift to you, I bought these with my own money just days before as my wife reminded me I will be going on a fixed income, and I hope that you will think of that bald guy who used to drone on about money when you look at it.
But now you are on the hook to get me something. And here is what I want. I want all of you to respect and celebrate each other. I want you to remember what brings us together. It is what we all in this room, hold in common; the desire to make things better for our co-workers and our nation, to gain respect on the job and dignity in the workplace, to bring economic security to the homes of our members. Our willingness to stand up together as we build this union to make sure that get a fair return on the sweat of their brows.
As a gift I want
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