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A total of fifteen union leaders from the Chicago area signed onto letters opposing the Korea FTA which was faxed to congressional members Rush, Quigley, Davis and Gutierrez's state office and national offices Monday June 13. See the final letter attached (the same letter was sent to all four members of congress).

Late last week, we received a report from our lobbyist and other labor allies that Davis, Rush, and Gutierrez's are claiming that they haven't heard from labor and are under the impression that the Korea FTA isn't an important issue for labor - even though we know labor has reached out to them. We have also heard that Quigley is leaning in favor of voting for the FTA. Obviously these congressional members are being lobbied hard by business interests, corporate lobbyists and President Obama who supports this job-killing trade deal. Thankfully, the sign-on letter is a strong and impressive show of labors opposition that will certainly push Representatives into the right direction- but it?s critic

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