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May Day Chicago 2011 Haymarket Martyrs Monument Rededication

On May 1, 2011 the Rededication of the Haymarket Memorial brought out about several thousand unionists, activists and government officials including the Chief justice of the Illinois Supreme Court to memorialize and remind everyone that the struggle continues. The most important labor site in the world, the Haymarket Martyrs monument shines a guiding beacon of hope for all the world's workers. The martyrs of Chicago helped bring change in 1886 and we will always celebrate their sacrifice so that others may rise above inequality and injustice. Join the community for a celebration and remembrance the 125th anniversary of the Haymarket tragedy, honoring eight martyrs of the world's labor movement. International Labor Day, also known as May Day, is the most celebrated secular holiday in the world, except in the United States. Yet the most progressive changes in our country and across the world were due to labor movements. 2011 will mark the restoration and rededication of the Haymarket Martyrs' Monument, the stat

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