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Senator Coburn: Report Will Make Us 'Look Like Jackasses'

Sen. Tom Coburn issued a cryptic warning about a Government Accountability Office report that will be released Tuesday morning, saying it will make ?all of us look like jackasses.?

The Oklahoma Republican, who?s read the GAO report, refused to elaborate or say what led him to that conclusion. But the report, which was later leaked to several news outlets, identified billions of dollars in waste from overlap and duplication in federal agencies, offices and programs.

For example, there are about 80 federal programs across several agencies aimed at promoting economic development, according to the Wall Street Journal, which received a copy of the report. And there are 20 programs that seek to address homelessness.

?Read the report that comes out tomorrow from the GAO that looked at the government that we put in the last debt-limit extension ? makes us all look like jackasses. ?? Coburn told reporters at the Capitol on Monday night. ?Go study that. It will show why we are $14 trillion in debt.?

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