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Outsourcing Jobs Inside U.S. Lets Terrorists Hide In Plain Sight

Looking at photos of the Madrid passenger train peeled open like a sardine can by terrorist bombs in 2003, it's not hard to imagine a Metro train meeting the same fate. Last week's arrest of Pakistani-born Farooque Ahmed, who is accused of plotting to bomb four Metro stations in Virginia, renewed concerns that terrorists are using the nation's legal immigration system as a conduit into the U.S.
The easiest way to get into the U.S. without attracting undue attention is to apply for a student visa, as Ahmed, 34, apparently did at the City University of New York. After graduation, you can extend your stay for up to 29 months with Optional Professional Training (such as graduate school) without Department of Labor approval.
Ahmed's Oct. 27, 2010, LinkedIn profile said that he enrolled in a master's computer engineering program at CUNY's College of Staten Island, but did not complete a degree due to a "political issue between computer science and engineering department."
After that, an employer-sponsored H-1B v
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