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AT$T Legacy T Employees-National Transfer Plan

On November 1, 2010 the new National Transfer Plan (NTP) will be rolled out and operational online. The site will be available to employees at work through HROneStop. The site will contain only those jobs to which NTP applies. Employees will use their ATTid and an algorithm-assigned password to access the site the first time. After accessing the site, employees can change their password to whatever they would like based on the parameters of establishing the password.
Workers can also access the system from and there will be a link at that site for NTP. After an employee leaves the payroll, their ATTid and password will not be deactivated so they can still access the site while their contractual time limit expires.
Employees using NTP to transfer will have Term of Employment (TOE) apply in the receiving region. Pension will stop in the sending company and will immediately begin in the receiving company. So, for example, an employee with 20 years in Legacy T transferring to Legacy S
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