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Senate Rules and Filibuster Aren't In The Constitution

In this session of Congress, the House of Representatives has passed more than 400 bills. None of these has been debated in the Senate. It's time to change these broken Senate rules, which have put special interests above the public interest. Proving there's no end to the abuse of Senate rules, Alabama Republican Richard Shelby is refusing to lift his "hold" on recent Federal Reserve Board nominee Peter Diamond even though the acclaimed economist just won the 2010 Nobel Prize. CWA President Larry Cohen said obstructing someone as qualified as Diamond is exactly why the Senate rules have to change, and why the Nov. 2 election is so critical. "Republicans are out there bragging about saying 'no' to everything," he said. "They don't care what it costs our country, our economy or our struggling families. If we let them get away with it, we all lose."

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