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Welcome to the Battleground Bulletin! This is the first fall issue of the CWA's 2010 newsletter about election efforts in the Battleground States of District 4: Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin. Be watching for a new Battleground Bulletin every few weeks to keep you up to date up until Election Day. Some of our hard-fought gains for working families are being threatened by forces that want us to return to the anti-worker, anti-union policies of the Bush years. We can't let that happen. CWA members from District 4 played a huge role in electing Barack Obama and a Union-friendly Congress. This fall, we'll have to work just as hard to keep up the fight for affordable health care, retirement security, Wall Street regulations and the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. In fact, the real work is only beginning. We know that the Tea Party is no picnic for working Americans. It's more like a free ride for moneyed special interests. Working together, we can make sure that their party is over. Downl
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