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Morty Bahr Steps Down as AIL Chair

"Morty Bahr is one of the great and legendary leaders in the history of the American labor movement," said AIL President & CEO Roger Smith. "We are grateful to have had the benefit of his counsel over the years and pleased that he will remain on the Board. He was particularly helpful to me when I assumed leadership of the Company and I will always appreciate the advice he has offered me over the years."

A CWA member for more than 50 years, Bahr became international president in 1985 and is credited with guiding the union through some of its most difficult days during the deregulation of the telecommunications industry, the union's basic industry at the time.

Once known as a "telephone union," CWA now includes communications workers from all media industries, public sector workers, airline flight attendants and others. He also pioneered significant collective bargaining breakthroughs on family life, worker training and education, worker empowerment and health care reform.
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