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July 22, 2010- The AIL/NILICO Labor Advisory Board is pleased to welcome Barbara J. Easterling. A longtime Union official, she is President of the four million member strong Alliance for Retired Americans, an AFL-CIO-affiliated nonprofit organization of retired trade union members organized in 2000. The nation's largest such organization, the mission of the ARA is to ensure social and economic justice and civil rights for all citizens.

Chosen as President of the Alliance for Retired Americans last February, Ms. Easterling is only the second person ever elected to that office. Before that, she served as the Secretary-Treasurer of the AFL-CIO and Secretary-Treasurer of the Communications Workers of America. She was the first woman to serve in all three offices.

Ms. Easterling first joined CWA Local 4302 in Akron when she began her career as a telephone operator at Ohio Bell. In 1980, she was summoned to Washington and served for five years as assistant to the president of the union. In 1985, she was elect

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