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John Deere CEO Says U.S. Needs Lots More H-1Bs - By Rob Sanchez

John Deere's talented leaders (assuming executives have talent or skill) are mostly American born whites with a few foreign born immigrants that came to the U.S. by means of student visas and green cards. Most of the executives at Deere could use L-1 intra-company transfers to flit around the world to play golf so H-1B visas are unnecessary. When Deere hires H-1Bs it's primarily for lower level technical positions that tend to be for the bottom end of the talent and wage scales. In plain simple English, Deere just wants to import cheap labor. Another possibility is that Deere wants to use H-1B to comply with affirmative action. Neither reason is justification for abandoning American workers. Download entire JobDestruction Newsletter in PDF format.

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