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NLRB Issues Another Complaint Against AT$T East!

June 10, 2010
CWA HAS CHARGED THAT AT&T East has been engaging in unfair labor practices as set forth in the National Labor Relations Act. The NLRB has issued a Complaint (Attached) and Notice of Hearing and alleges the following:
AT&T changed job performance targets relating to employees that are classified as "Premise Technicians" which resulted in greater discipline for those employee's.

AT&T implemented a new discipline policy relating to violations of its "OP78" policy.

AT&T engaged in the conduct described above without affording the Union an opportunity to bargain with them.
AT&T has failed and refused to furnish the Union with information requested that is necessary for and relevant to the performance of its function as the exclusive collective bargaining representative of our members.

Once again, CWA has to force this company to do the right thing and that is bargain with the Union not just do as they please. This complaint by the NLRB in Region 34 has been filed, and a hearing

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