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Obama Improvises After Speech Rainout!

"At the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery about 50 miles southwest of his hometown, Mr. Obama had just laid a wreath at a marker for a soldier whose remains were not recovered when the skies, sunny for hours, grew black and blustery. As he waited under a tent to take the stage, lightning cracked at the end of the Pledge of Allegiance and a downpour began. After conferring with a Secret Service agent, Mr. Obama approached the microphone holding an umbrella that the winds seemed about to snatch. He told the crowd filling 5,000 folding chairs, including disabled veterans, the elderly and infants, to seek shelter in their cars and waiting buses." Download entire article by Jackie Calmes (NYT) and additional pictures taken by Steve Tisza, CWA Local 4250 RMC President, who attended the event.

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