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Memorial Day 2010 Message - From Mark H. Ayers, Chairman AFL-CIO Union Veterans Council

"Memorial Day is a time to reflect upon those fallen American heroes who have given their lives and health to keep this nation safe. Memorial Day is also the perfect time to honor those brave soldiers who are still with us, to thank them for the freedoms we enjoy every day, and to do all that we can to improve their quality of life.
But, in many aspects, Memorial Day has simply morphed into the day when we kick into high gear for the summer season.
Yet, I firmly believe that the men and women who died for their nation would fully understand what we do with their day - Memorial Day. Or, at least I hope they would, because if they would have insisted that it be a somber, respectful day of remembrance, then we have blown it big time.
But, you know what? Some of those that I served with, and who paid the ultimate price, would have completely understood.
They liked a sunny beach and a cold beer and a hot barbeque filled to the edges with hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken and ribs. They would have enjoyed no

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