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Please find attached two letters notifying us of two new tests. The only people who will be grandfathered into these tests are the employees in the titles listed on each of the letters respectively. The TIP document for each test is also attached to this email. The TIP information isn't very clear for these tests. We are working with The Alliance on a preparation class for each test. We hope that will help clarify the tests for anyone interested in taking them. Both tests are basic tests and may be taken at any time. For the Relay Centers, the FCC-required written typing proficiency test at 60 WPM is still applicable. Current workers in the affected titles for each of the tests should check in thirty days to ensure that you have been grandfathered on the appropriate test. CWA does not agree with the implementation of these new tests; however, the Company has the right to test and to implement tests they believe are needed to ensure a candidate's success. Should you have any issue with setting up a test

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