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CWA Local 1298, Attorney General Richard Blumenthal and Mary Healy from the Office of Consumer Counsel have spent the last year at DPUC hearings advocating for better telecommunication service quality for consumers in Connecticut. Although it was proven in hearings that AT&T has violated at least one key standard, fixing 90 percent of the out-of-service phones within 24 hours since 2001, the DPUC disappointed us terribly in a decision this week by not forcing at&t to pay fines for failing to meet current service quality standards and not strengthening those standards for all telecommunication companies. Today in an unprecedented move, the DPUC imposed a Civil penalty of $1,210,000 against AT&T for "consistently failing to meet the requirement of the 90% of all service repairs received by the Telco in any given 24 hour period to be cleared within 24 hours". The result of this work and our determination is a message that even the AT&T corporate barons can hear in their executive suites- provide quality service

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