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CWA-NewsLetter: Health Care Reform Moves Us Forward

CWA played a big part in getting health care reform through Congress, and President Obama invited CWA President Larry Cohen to the White House for the official bill signing to recognize that hard work.
"After decades of working for quality health care for all, this bill moves us forward and provides a framework for future improvements," Cohen said.
Through CWA's Health Care SIF campaign, thousands of CWAers called, wrote, participated in town hall meetings and visited their members of Congress. They told their senators and representatives how they worried about skyrocketing health care costs and whether they would be able to maintain their health care benefits.
They talked about how being laid off meant losing affordable health care. Retired workers wondered how they would pay sky-high premiums until they were eligible for Medicare, or how they would afford their prescription drugs when they reached the "donut" hole in Medicare's drug coverage.
Health care reform takes away a lot of these worries for
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