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Tentative Agreement Update - CWA D3 -BellSouth Telecommunications Inc.

As you know, yesterday we reached a new tentative agreement with AT&T for employees in BST. The bargaining team worked very hard last week and weekend to negotiate some changes addressing the concerns you shared with us after the original agreement did not ratify.
The first thing I want to make sure you know is that YOU MUST VOTE to make your voice heard. Failure to vote is no vote at all and doesnt count for or against the agreement.
The second thing is that we have changed the voting process (for this vote ONLY) and have made it easier for you to vote. CWA headquarters in Washington has agreed to mail each of you a ballot to your home and to pick up the cost. Each ballot will contain a stamped envelope so you can mail your vote to us here in the District office at no cost to you. This saves both the Locals and the District considerable money and also speeds up the voting process, Locals have the right to opt out of this process. The District is paying to have a Local President, chosen from eac
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