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The Clock Is Ticking For Workers' Rights!

The clock is ticking on the Senate's chances to confirm the NLRB nominees.
President Obama made his nominations right after he took office last January, but they're being held up because Republicans have blocked one of them, Craig Becker, due to his strong support of organizing rights.
Republicans will continue to filibuster these nominations, and their ability to do so will only get stronger when Scott Brown takes his Senate seat on February 11th. To prevent that, we must act right now to push through confirmation of the NLRB nominees before Brown is seated.
Waiting any longer will jeopardize the opportunity to confirm a Democratic majority on the NLRB. That would mean far weaker protections for workers across the country.
Help us remind Senator Reid of the importance of these nominations by participating in our Twitter campaign. Click below to post your tweet, sign the petition, and stand up for stronger workers' rights:

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