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Why the Citizens United Decision Undermines Our Democracy and What We Can Do About It

A corporation isn't a person. But the U.S. Supreme Court, in its Citizens United decision, had no problem granting corporations the First Amendment rights that citizens enjoy.
The court's 5-4 decision overturned federal and state campaign laws dating back to the early 19th century and declared that corporations have a constitutional right to use unlimited treasury funds to make so-called "independent expenditures" supporting or opposing candidates for public office.
It's true that the court's decision applies to unions, too. But CWA continues to support a ban on using treasury funds to support or oppose political candidates, for corporations and unions.
CWA, the United Auto Workers and the millions of active and retired workers that we represent know this is a flawed decision. It will allow corporations to dominate the political process, just like they are able to dominate the workplace, undermining laws that are supposed to protect worker bargaining and organizing rights.
Corporations will be able t
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