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CLOSING 10 S Canal Street, Chicago DA - Announced By AT$T On Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On September 15, 2009, AT$T announced the closing of the Harvey, Illinois OA office with a Force Disposition Date of December 28, 2009. Twenty-Four (24) Local 4250 members were affected by AT$T's announcement that Harvey OA was closing. Twenty (20) members chose to follow their work and were to be gradually reassigned to 10 S Canal DA by January 4, 2010. Four (4) members opted to take SIPP.

Yesterday, December 16, 2009, AT$T announced that 10 S Canal DA, Chicago, Illinois would be closing with a Force Disposition Date of April 5, 2010. One Hundred and Seven (107) CWA AT$T Midwest members are affected by this devious and contrived announcement by AT$T. Twenty-One (21) are currently Local 4250 members and eighty-six (86) are members of Local 4216.

Does anyone think AT$T CEO Randall "The Rat" Stephenson cares if these one hundred and seven (107) CWA members and their families have a Merry Christmas?

NO one from AT$T or CWA District 4 spoke to me prior to yesterday's announcement of the Canal Street DA

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