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Legacy T AT$T: Mary Davidson-Glover

It is with mixed emotions that I announce that Mary Davidson-Glover has taken VTP and retired. Mary was our CWA appointed AT&T Resource Center Coordinator located in New Jersey.
Mary was one of the first CWA appointed Coordinators. She has done an outstanding job for CWA through her many years of service as a Coordinator. Mary saw thousands of workers through surpluses. Never in her fifteen plus years of service as a Coordinator did she ever forget her first priority in her CWA appointed position, our members. Mary was tireless in her pursuit of justice for members she felt had been wronged by any part of the process. Whether that meant she called AT&T on the carpet or CWA, we had better have the answer.
It was our privilege that she accepted the position and served our members as she did. So much work was removed from my Staff because of her efforts that we can't even begin to imagine what we would have done had she not been there and on our side!
So, it is with sadness that I announce that Mary is

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