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Braveheart In High Heels? More On Washington DC's Rhee And Imported Teachers

Michelle Rhee, Chancellor of the District of Columbia Public Schools, is portrayed in a recent Education Next puff piece as a modern day Braveheart in high heels because of the way she ruthlessly chops the jobs of union teachers. Most of her layoff victims are older teachers. Suspiciously, the race or ethnicity of the teachers who lost their jobs is not yet available. The rumor mill has it that most of the teachers who were cut were black women over the age of 40. So where are the teacher unions? The answer is probably two-fold: the liberal apparatchiks who run the unions are reluctant to touch the H-1B (or any other immigration) issue. And the odds of winning may be drastically reduced if H-1B is mentioned. So far, the only way lawsuits have been won when H-1B was a factor was to drop the immigration issue in favor of age discrimination (AIG). Download entire article by Rob Sanchez in PDF format.
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