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Importing Teachers In The District of Columbia

District of Columbia Schools Chancellor Michelle Rhee is in hot water for firing 266 teachers and administrators Oct. 2, just weeks into the new school year and only a few months after inexplicably hiring hundreds of new teachers. But there may have been a method to her apparent madness.
According to the federal government's Foreign Labor Certification Data Center, D.C. Public Schools submitted 46 labor condition applications in 2007 and 2008, giving Rhee authority to import hundreds of foreign teachers on H1B visas without having to make any attempt to find eligible Americans.
With the jobless rate now topping 10 percent, tens of thousands of American engineers, scientists and other professionals would be more than happy to try a second career teaching. But like many of their blue-collar brethren who watched their jobs disappear overseas, the deck is now stacked against experienced domestic white-collar workers as well.
For years, we've been told that the thousands of immigrants admitted to the United Sta
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