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History of H-1B Legislation Shows More Than Employer Abuses: By Karl Kiefer

When I started to research this subject I only had basic knowledge of the H-1B program. Coming from a blue collar background, I had limited exposure to the H-1B statistics and abuses that most high tech workers are familiar with. As I progressed, it occurred to me that the history of decision making and legislation surrounding the H-1B visa was a lot like the Halloween ghost stories that scared me most as a child. That "bump in the night" or insidious noise like "scratching on the window" left me feeling sure there was something amiss, even though I couldn't quite put my finger on the source. The ones that provoked feelings of impending doom accomplished their intentions the best. So in the spirit of Halloween, here's a tale to rekindle those shadowy, incessant feelings of imminent disaster you may have been experiencing of late. Download excellent review of H-1B legislative history in PDF format

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